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Pink Pancakes for Picky Eaters

Confession time: I was the parent who said that I would never add secret vegetables to my kid’s food. That is, until my kid became a picky eater and decided that anything with vegetables was automatically “yuck”. In the past, I’ve made the mistake of adding secret vegetables to her …

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Daniel Tiger has a New App for Parents and it is Awesome

I was bored-browsing through the app store the other day, and Daniel Tiger’s face caught my eye. I’ve downloaded multiple Daniel Tiger apps in the past, including “Day & Night” (about helping kids to get ready for bed and ready for school in the morning) and “Stop & Go” (for …


Scientist Barbie Not Really Dressed for Lab Work

I was just doing a little holiday shopping online, looking for Barbies for my daughter, and I found the “Career Barbie” section. Barbie is just as versatile as when I was a kid–she can be an astronaut, teacher, chef, nurse, dentist, whatever! While I appreciate Barbie’s fashion choices (cool vaguely-inspired-by-molecular-structure …

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How to Handle Santa When You Don’t Really Like Him That Much

Before my daughter turned three, I was pretty adamantly anti-Santa. Every parent approaches this issue in their own way, whatever their personal beliefs. I’ve heard good arguments from other atheist or skeptical parents who use Santa as a critical-thinking exercise for their kids—meaning that they don’t tell them that Santa …

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Stop Treating My C-Section Like a Tragedy

In honor of Cesarean Awareness Month, I’ve been seeing a lot of articles promoting awareness and acceptance of the procedure, which is nice. From photoshoots of post-partum c-section scars to personal accounts of birth stories, I like reading about and increasing awareness about parents who have had c-sections (including myself). …


Little Einsteins: Innocent Kids’ Show or Post-Apocalyptic Earth?

On the surface, Disney’s Little Einsteins appears to be about teaching kids about classical music and art through easy-to-digest storylines typically found in the saccharine world of children’s television. But is there something more sinister hiding beneath the shiny veneer? Like, a story about a post-apocalyptic future following a robot …


Cross-Post: It Doesn’t Matter If You Turned Out Fine

Editor’s Note: this post was written by Olivia and originally featured on Skepchick. To read the whole article, and to leave a comment, click through the link at the end of this post. ****** One of the recurring discussions that pops up on my social media feeds and blog rolls …

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Guest Post

Guest Post: Toys! (A Dad’s Call to Action this Holiday Season)

Editor’s Note: the holidays are upon us, and Lee Biernbaum writes a light-hearted piece on picking out good toys for your kids.  *********** If you haven’t been paying attention to the latest freak outs about Starbucks cups or the fact that many media outlets have already published their gift guides, you …

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Breast Milk is Not Free, so Stop Saying It Is

I have heard this refrain a lot lately: “I breastfeed my baby because breast milk is free!” And while I understand what the person is trying to say, that they think breast milk costs less than formula, it’s wrong to say that breast milk is free. Before I get started, …

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Starbucks is a Luxury: Teach Your Kid Financial Responsibility Before They Go College

I was listening to NPR one morning last week and they were discussing the hidden costs of college. Unfortunately, in the US, college is prohibitively expensive. Well, except for the whole “don’t worry, you can pay for everything in loans!” thing, which sounds much better when you’re a freshman than …