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An Anchor ‘Round My Heart: Love, Loss, Moving On, Etc.

Today marks the end of what I like to call my Fortnight of Suck — a collection of dates that used to send me spiralling into a depressive abyss: 10/23: my stepfather’s birthday; 10/26: the date my divorce was final; somewhere in there is the date of my ex-husband’s second …

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Cognitive Dissonance

Trigger Warning: This post includes descriptions of violence, which may be triggering or alarming. Please take care of yourself.       When my husband hurt me, it was like watching a stranger kill the man I loved in front of me and then try to kill me. I was so scared and confused. …

Guest Post

Guest Post: Family Tectonics and Daughtering

Editor’s Note: Cassandra Phoenix is back and this time she is talking about family dynamics and re-learning how to be a daughter. My relationship with my parents is complicated. It’s complex. Or nigh-nonexistent, depending on which side of my family I’m talking about. I was born when my mother and …