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NY Post Is Wrong About Beyoncé

Naomi Schaefer Riley is no Beyoncé fan. According to Riley’s New York Post opinion piece, not only does Beyoncé have no business being a goddess, but there is only one way Beyoncé should view her pregnant body, and that’s with embarrassment. Riley has lots of opinions about celebrities. In the past, she’s called …

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Skipping Scary Santa

Imagine you heard about a culture where once a year parents forced very young children to do something terrifying and upsetting. Then, imagine that when this experience caused those young children to scream and cry, rather than stop the experience, the parents enjoyed watching their children be scared, so much that they took pictures of …

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Trigger Warnings, Privilege and Making the World a Kinder Place

Trigger Warning: This post contains content related to domestic and sexual violence.           If you spend a lot of time on parenting forums or Facebook groups on the internet, you have probably seen and/or used a trigger warning. Olivia recently provided a great refresher on the subject …


Ask the right question: #whydoesheabuse?

As the country reels after another stunning high profile story of domestic violence hits the media, I am moved to tears reading the brave stories of #whyistayed and #whyileft. Everyone should take a moment and go read them. Thousands of people have shared their reasons for staying and leaving abusive relationships, …

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Tidbit Tuesdays: Love-Hate Relationship with Home Remedies and Other Etceteras

I don’t think I’m the only skeptic out there with a bit of an interest in alternative medicine, home remedies, and other such things that is more than what can be explained by mere exasperation with society and an interest in debunking. I’ve had something of an anthropological interest in …

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Tidbit Tuesdays: the 2014 Olympics

The Olympics start this Friday in Sochi, and I’m going to guess that many of us will watch at least some of the coverage with our families and it will be all over the news. So today I’d like to look at some resources that might be helpful or interesting …

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A Wolf In Santa’s Clothing

Some people seem to be able to just create family traditions with a snap of the fingers. Unique weddings with special vows and that kind of thing. For me, traditions are arbitrary accidents of your birth… so it seems I shouldn’t value one over the other. But I do. Whenever …