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Schooling Your Kid

After four years of home-schooling, we sent the kid back to public school this year. I wouldn’t say it’s been a smooth transition, but it’s been less fraught than it might have been.  She’s almost a month in and – as she puts it – not even a little bit dead …

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#SorryNotSorry — The End of The Forced Apology

I got an email the other day. My son’s teacher wanted to discuss my son’s strong emotional response that day in school. My first thought was — uh, could you please define strong emotional response? Did he burst into tears? Did he throw a table? Did he yell? Ah, the joy of …


Losing our religion? ‘Not fast enough’, says UN.

So, I’m back, and you know what that means. Ireland’s education system still sucks, at least when it comes to equal access for non-Christians. You see, a couple of weeks ago an Irish delegation, led by our Justice Minister, Frances Fitzgerald, was in front of a United Nations panel to …

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Internet Meme Demolition Derby Pit Stop: About that George Carlin Meme

Not a big takedown today, but I wanted to amplify this Daily Kos article by AnnieJo, not just because I’m a huge George Carlin fan, but because I’m a huge George Carlin fan who didn’t catch this the first time this meme rolled across my Facebook wall. George Carlin has got to …


The Forthcoming Renaissance of Me

My name is not Mommy. I don’t know why strangers think it’s okay to refer to a woman with a child as “Mom.” Call me “Miss.” I’ll even suffer “Ma’am,” or “hey you.” Even my husband makes the rare and fatal mistake of calling me “Mom” rather than by my …

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Default Sexism

Like many of you, perhaps, I was raised in a patriarchy*. What this means, it means Women were barred from many jobs Jobs women did have were often menial, relatively low-paying, or service jobs – waitressing or house-cleaning, nursing, childcare, or – for middle and upperclass women, selling real estate; …

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Just what is “comprehensive” sex education?

(Note: This article is very US-centric, as that’s where I live, work, teach, and understand the politics. The general ideas are applicable anywhere but the specific information is based on the US.) Those of us who favor evidence-based, body-positive sexuality education in schools — education that comes without religion-based scare …

Parenting Fails

Dinosaur Diorama Drama

The biggest project for Pickle this year is the Annual 1st Grade Dinosaur Museum. All of the first-graders do group projects, including big class projects and little in-class projects. But the big project every year is the diorama that they make at home and bring in to show off on …

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Irish Education: Sex, lies and sticky tape

You know, this blog was never supposed to be just about the Irish education system. It really wasn’t. After I posted the last installment I thought I’d take a break from the subject, maybe share some great one-pot recipes (a must for busy parents) or perhaps discuss the art of …


Irish Education: Of Catholics and Closets

In my previous post I mentioned how schools in Ireland are allowed to deny children admission based on the religious affiliation of their parents.  In recent weeks it has come to light that the exemptions provided by the state are also used to intimidate and/or remove staff based on their …