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I Choose You

This will be my first Mother’s Day as a single parent. It is bittersweet. I would joke and say that the only thing that will be different this year is that I won’t have a husband to half-ass a last-minute grocery store gift on behalf of my young children. Which, …


Equal Pay Day

As some of you may know, April 8 was Equal Pay Day. The date by which the average U.S. woman had to work this year in order to earn the same as the average man earned in 2013. There was some noise made about it this year but, all and …


On Being The Grown-Up

Here’s a confession: I have an inordinate fear, almost a phobia, of cockroaches. This is a fear so serious that in my house no one is allowed to call them cockroaches, because the very word is (as we say in the progressive world) triggering.  Instead, when we want to refer …

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To Co-parent or Not to Co-parent

On the best of days, being not officially Tom’s parent is a tangled thicket of boundaries, expectations, and my inability to resist unbridled cuteness. I vacillate between being a pushover and a bigger pushover. Sometimes I watch Tom for a few hours because my Tom meter is low, and sometimes I …


Pet Politics

I have often wondered how I would have handled it if my child had been allergic to animals. Having grown up on a farm, I find a life without animals to seem rather absurd and almost unnatural. Today we have two cats and two rats, and we also nanny some dogs …


In Defense of Marital Submission

Candace Cameron Bure has written a new book about the leather daddies in her life — Jesus and some hockey player dude — and it seems not everyone is a fan. When I read the critiques, I find myself mostly nodding along in agreement. I don’t believe that men have a right …

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Cease and Desist! And Remove your Hand from her Ass!

I am not a touchy-feely person. If I were a real live serious blogger, I could go back and find past writings where I have stated this, and link you to them so you could go and read my explanation of the whole thing. I’m not, though, so you’ll just …

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Abortion Rhetoric from the Perspective of a “Miracle Baby” Mom

Trigger: infant death For the anniversary of Roe Vs. Wade, I planned to write about pro-life rhetoric about “4th trimester abortion.” For research, I waded my way through the thicket of articles that distort academic theoretical essays. A video of a Planned Parenthood representative being grilled about how an abortion …