Traditions & Celebrations

The Gender Politics of Christmas Lights

Now that Christmas is almost here, I love to walk around my neighborhood after dark to look at the Christmas lights. There’s a wide range reflecting diverse tastes and traditions: white lights wrapped around railings and tree trunks, colored lights flashing patterns and changing colors, over-the-top ensembles complete with inflatable …

EducationSex and Sexuality

Let’s Talk About Sex In Ontario’s Schools

Next week it’s back to school here in Ontario, which means it’s time for the parental protests about the new sex-ed curriculum to increase in volume. They kicked off yesterday with a planned series of protests outside the offices of Liberal members of the provincial parliament. I have a particular …


The Myth of Magical Thinking

(Trigger warnings: miscarriage and stillbirth) April 19-23 is National Infertility Awareness Week in the U.S.A. When you’re trying (and failing) to have a baby, people can say a lot of ridiculous things to you, some of them well-meaning, some of them not. To mark NIAW, I was originally planning to …


Book Review: The Opposite of Spoiled

Raise your hands, parents, if you love talking to your kids about money. Anyone? Anyone? If, like me, you agree that it’s important to have open and frank discussions with your children, especially about money, and you intend to, any moment now, just as soon as you figure out how …

ActivitiesAges 2-5

Field Tripping: Whose Experience is it Anyway?

On Monday, E. and I went to a museum. The friends we were supposed to meet were running late, so we decided to go in and visit one of the exhibits while we were waiting. “What do you want to go and see?” I asked E. “The dinosaurs,” he answered. …

BooksGrief and Loss

Lifetimes: Explaining Death to Children

It’s the holiday season, when we’re meant to be full to the brim with peace and joy and eggnog and cookies, and our houses are meant to be full to bursting with loved ones. All well and good, unless you’re grieving the loss of a loved one, in which case …

Grief and Loss

My Baby Didn’t Go to Heaven

Trigger warning: miscarriage Yesterday was my due date. I didn’t have a baby yesterday. That’s not unusual- most babies aren’t born on their due dates. But I’ve known we weren’t going to be bringing a baby home this month ever since the ten week mark, when an ultrasound technician looked …

Pregnancy & Childbirth

Skin Deep: How My Body Changed After Pregnancy

I was expecting some permanent physical changes after pregnancy, labour and birth. I’d read enough to know that I wouldn’t immediately ‘bounce back’ and that, in some places, I would likely always look a little bit different. Despite what the beauty myth might have us believe, I never truly thought …


My Mother, Myself

It’s 3 a.m. I’m lying on the floor of our bathroom. The cold tiles feel good against my skin and if I stay prone I can almost fool myself into believing that the worst might be over, that I may have finally flushed this flu/food poisoning/whatever-this-thing-is out of my system. …

Extended FamilyMedia & Technology

Telling Their Stories

How much of your child’s life is documented on the Internet? When I was (finally) pregnant, I was so happy to be pregnant that I loved sharing belly pics on Facebook and posting the occasional pregnancy-related status update. I knew I was growing a baby inside my uterus- after all, …