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Ethical and Inclusive Scouting

It was all over the news last year—the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) changed their policies regarding homosexuality, and now they’re perfectly acceptable for any secular family, right? Well, not really. The policy change means they will no longer expel non-straight boys from scouting immediately, which is progress. But BSA still requires …

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Just Let Me Do My Job

At the end of this February, I will have had my current job for nine whole years. That matches my precious record of continuous employment, my very first job at the now-extinct Thriftway supermarket chain. I like my job for the most part. The pay (room, board, love) isn’t the …

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Learning to Give

This past year was an exciting year for us because my three, almost four year old daughter finally gets excited about the Holidays. The decorations, the food, the time with family, and the gifts.  Oh the gifts.   As we were watching a very Christmas episode of Handy Manny, my daughter …

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Telling Their Stories

How much of your child’s life is documented on the Internet? When I was (finally) pregnant, I was so happy to be pregnant that I loved sharing belly pics on Facebook and posting the occasional pregnancy-related status update. I knew I was growing a baby inside my uterus- after all, …

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Congrats on your Light-Skinned Kids?

As a first-generation Indian-American daughter of immigrants, I’ve grown up surrounded by a fixation with skin color.  Most Indian women would never dream of the privilege (tic) of marrying a man lighter than herself.  So when I first married my predominantly European-American husband, one of my relatives lovingly said (translated …