In Defense of Marital Submission

Candace Cameron Bure has written a new book about the leather daddies in her life — Jesus and some hockey player dude — and it seems not everyone is a fan. When I read the critiques, I find myself mostly nodding along in agreement. I don’t believe that men have a right …

Baseball is for girls, by greg westfall

The Myth of Gender-Blind Parenting

“Boys and girls are so different!” “People who claim that there are no natural differences between boys and girls have obviously never worked with children.” “I tried to raise my kids in a gender-neutral way, but my son still ignores dolls and plays with trucks! Nature will have its way.” …

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Wearing All The Colors

  As those of us who are Otherwise Persuaded know, Hannukah came early this year. Among other things, this allowed my kid to spend the Christmas holidays in New Orleans visiting her Christian cousins.  The little girl cousins are much younger than she is – five and three years old.  …

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Four Foolproof steps to a Post Baby Bikini Body

It’s that time of year.  Articles are everywhere on how to lose weight in the new year.  Add to that the issue of baby weight, and it’s almost impossible to escape the pressure to lose weight instantly and appear healthy and perfect after pregnancy It’s not enough to have built …

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Young Love

To facilitate the constant cycle of clothes into and out of my son’s dresser, we have come up with a plan. When the dresser drawers won’t close, we dive in. As each item comes out of the dresser I ask him:         “Does this fit?”         “Do you …

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What’s Going to Work? Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love “The Wonder Pets”

So, first things first, we need to establish that I am “that person”. You know, the one who shouts things at the screen when kiddie shows get something wrong, like for example when there are, say, the wrong number of legs on a spider. They always get that wrong and …