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A Very Grounded Parents Gender Reveal Video

Steph and Clay share their baby’s gender with the world Grounded Parents’ style. Video transcript: Katelyn and Ian: Our family’s gender reveal video! Steph and Clay’s gender reveal video, take 1 Steph: Hey honey, I made you a gender reveal cake. Clay: I love cake! I have heard about gender …

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Grounded Pregnancy: Treating Depression During Pregnancy – What’s Safe?

Welcome to Grounded Pregnancy, the new series where I explore topics related to pregnancy and childbirth, without woo or natural childbirth bullshit. As an added bonus, you get to join me for the next few months, as I grow a tiny human in my uterus. Feel free to message me with …

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Grounded Pregnancy: It’s Okay to Not Be Beautiful

Content note: TMI, bodily functions, societal standards of beauty, fat shaming, bodily autonomy I was taking a break from throwing up and arguing with people on the internet when I saw it – an image of a woman standing by her hospital bed eating a meal, wearing only a pair of post partum …

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Grounded Pregnancy: Evidence-based Advice for Morning Sickness and Hyperemesis Gravidarum

Welcome to my new series, Grounded Pregnancy, where I will explore topics related to pregnancy and childbirth, without the woo or natural childbirth bullshit found all over the Internet. As an added bonus, you get to join me for the next eight months, as I grow a tiny human in my uterus. TMI note: As amazing …