Weekend Reads: February 15th, 2014

Feelings, so many feelings….

If you’re feeling….statistically curious

Some controversy and other thoughts about our reliance on p-values as a gold standard for significance.

If you’re feeling….like remembering Shirley Temple

Five Shirley Temple movies you can stream online right now.  Did you know that in 1938 (when she was 9) she was the 7th highest earner in the US? Or that she was one of the first well known women to discuss having a mastectomy? Or that she was an ambassador to two countries? There’s a lot of interesting things to say about Shirley Temple, child stars,  her relationship with Hollywood and the viewing public, but she certainly left a mark.  More in memoriam articles at the New Yorker, Chicago Tribune, and The New York Times.

If you’re feeling….like losing your faith in (the US based portion of) humanity

One in four Americans doesn’t know the earth revolves around the sun.  Time to go quiz my son and make sure he gets this one right.

If you’re feeling….like a stock photo

LeanIn and Getty Images teamed up to put together a better database of “pictures of female leadership”. (H/T Mary)

If you’re feeling….bad for getting parenting advice off the internet

First, you should never feel bad for reading Grounded Parents!  Next, here’s a child psychiatrists take on why we turn to the internet for parenting advice (including her) and how to think about it in a constructive way.  I think she misses a bit here about the community aspect of this, but the end advice is still solid.

If you’re feeling….like you need a recess break

Consider that the kids who lose recess are often the kids who could benefit from it most.  Free play is known to reduce behavior problems, and yet the first reaction to behavior problems is to take away free play.  Food for thought.  More here on how play benefits the brain.

If you’re feeling….like the ABCs are getting a little bit boring

Maybe try these funny/funky/fascinating renderings?


Featured image credit: Alec Couros on Flickr


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