Weekend Reads: February 23rd, 2014

Well now, what are we in the mood for this weekend?


If you’re feeling….like some science:

new study in mice suggests paternal alcohol consumption could contribute to fetal alcohol syndrome.

Also, how social norms influence vaccination levels.

Oh yeah, and if you’re feeling like your baby knows more than they’re saying, you’re probably right.

If you’re feeling….like a nerdy kid, or you had a nerdy kid:

This artists rendering of scenes from a nerdy childhood is awesome and will make you smile.

Relatedly (at least art wise) here’s some Disney princesses remixed as Game of Thrones characters.

If you’re feeling….like a nerdy parent:

These videos of beautiful science and tech topics have been vetted by kids and parents for family friendly consumption.

If you’re feeling….like the Lego Movie needed more kittens

You got your wish.

If you’re feeling….like reading some of our readers:*

Brady Clark at A Logical Life writes a good piece on what Dora the Explorer gets wrong about bullying (and thinks about how to do better).


*Always open to more suggestions!


Image Credit: David Melchor Diaz


Bethany is a perpetual student who just won't stop taking classes. She's gone from engineering to psych and family systems to applied statistics, and is really fascinated by how people feel about numbers. She blogs about this over at Graph Paper Diaries, and experimenting with contingency tables at Two Ways to Be Wrong.

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