Weekend Reads: Paper Dresses, Father Photography, Empathy, Etc

How’s everyone doing this weekend? I was up at 3:30 this morning to fly from 70 degree weather to 20 degree weather.  Thus, we’re gonna be a little short this week.



If you’re feeling….like getting crafty:

Check out this 4 year old who made construction paper dresses with her mother. Someone get this girl a boutique.  I kind of want one.

If you’re feeling….like some science:

This piece on the development of empathy in people in general and children in particular, is pretty interesting.

If you’re feeling….like getting a little teary while looking at beautiful pictures:

This photographer captured the journey he took while he learned to connect with his daughter and himself as a father. (Edit: link fixed)

If you’re feeling….like pondering our use of the word “adopted”:

Amand Koisor gives some thoughts on the media’s insistence on labeling kids “adopted” even when it’s not relevant.


Image Credit: David Melchor Diaz


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  1. The adoption link is about something that has bothered me for a long time, and bothered me long before I became an adoptive mother. So frustrating that no matter what adjective description, or attribute discussed “adopted” will be in there. I remember reading that Carrol O’connor’s son died a few years ago from a self inflicted gunshot wound after years of struggling with substance abuse. Mr. O’connor pleaded with the press to not describe him as the “adopted son”. In the midst of the grief of losing his son, he begged people to realize that he was grieving his son, full stop. Of course, many stories called him Carrol O’connor’s adopted son.

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