Weekend Reads: Parenting Journalism, My Kid the Superhero, CDC numbers, etc

Well hello!  How’s everything?  This weekend I found out that my toddler is a total overachiever…he managed to get a stomach bug AND an ear infection all at the same time.  That was awesome to sort out.  On the plus side, I now make an awesome Pedialyte/Amoxicillin/Tylenol cocktail (serve in a sippy cup, of course).

But enough about me, what are you in the mood for today?

If you’re feeling….like you can’t handle any more parenting journalism:

Well a reporter from the New Yorker is on it!   It starts with gold: “A recent study has shown that if American parents read one more long-form think piece about parenting they will go fucking ape shit.”  From Chris.

If you’re looking for…something even perkier than that last one

Try the Onion: Study Finds Every Style of Parenting Produces Disturbed, Miserable Adults.

If you’re looking for….a reason to really really wish you knew a Dreamworks animator to do your home movies for you:

A Dreamworks animator Dad makes his kids playtime in to action movies.  Very cool.  From Mary.

If you’re looking for….one more reason to be annoyed at religion in schools:

This mom’s account of her sons encounter with religion being taught in public schools is frustrating…especially when the teacher refuses to admit he did anything wrong. From Lance.

If you’re looking for….some context around those CDC autism numbers:

Slate did a pretty good write up about the new CDC/autism numbers (that showed a 30% rise in 2 years).  They point out hefty geographic discrepancies (New Jersey has 4x the cases as Alabama, for example) as reasons to be suspicious that awareness might be driving much of the rise.


Featured Image Credit: Ben Andreas Harding


Bethany is a perpetual student who just won't stop taking classes. She's gone from engineering to psych and family systems to applied statistics, and is really fascinated by how people feel about numbers. She blogs about this over at Graph Paper Diaries, and experimenting with contingency tables at Two Ways to Be Wrong.

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  1. That first link seems broken =(

    I also found it interesting reading about someone who is vegetarian in part because of her reading of the Bible complaining about the Bible being used in school.

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