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Weekend Reads: Fast Food, Positive Parenting, Archie, Khaleesi, etc


Well hello everyone!  What are you in the mood for this weekend?





If you’re looking for….some new science:

JAMA has an interesting study up about depictions of healthy foods in fast food commercials.  Spoiler alert – 80% of kids who saw a Burger King commercial recalled seeing french fries, even if no french fries were present.

If you’re looking for….a reason to ignore “normal”:

This article on the history of the development of sitting/crawling/walking norms shows how biased we can be when we fail to realize there’s a wider world (from Mary).

If you’re looking for….a good explanation of positive parenting:

Libby Anne has a good piece about saying “no” to your kids while respecting their feelings.

If you’re looking for….a reason to feel a little sad and a little nostalgic:

Archie’s doomed.  I used to read these comics on summer vacations.  One dollar bought us 5 random back issues at the consignment shop near my house (from Mary).

If you’re looking for….a reason why every young boy you know has a name ending in “n”:

Well there’s no reason.  But there’s a graph!

While we’re on the topic…a surprising number of people named their daughters “Khaleesi” this year (from Mary).

If you’re looking for….your new reason to vaccinate:

Read the Onion’s take here.

If you’re looking for….more on Military Child Awareness month:

Deek provides a good resource here.


Featured Image Credit: Ben Andreas Harding

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