Weekend Reads: Chores and RPGs, Team Hoyt, Sex after Kids, etc

Hello hello!  Hoping you all are gearing up for an excellent weekend.  April 19th has always been an interesting day for me, because it’s how I always remember how many joules are in a calorie.  I was an engineering major, what can I say.

Enough about my geekiness, lets find out what you’re in the mood for!


If you’re looking for…something a little political:

Think Progress discusses how policy, not parenting, keeps single mothers in poverty.

If you’re looking for…a way to make doing chores more fun:

Try turning them in to a mini RPG.  I’d say this is for kids, but I actually use it myself.

If you’re looking for…an inspiring story:

Monday is the 118th running of the Boston Marathon, and the last one for “Team Hoyt”.  This father/son team has been a staple of the race for 37 years….the father runs, and pushes his son in a wheelchair.  They are both remarkable.

If you’re looking for…an explanation for baby’s crying at night:

They may be trying to keep you from having sex.  Tricky.

If baby tears are getting you down though, Elyse has some hacks for improving your sex life while parenting.

If you’re looking for…a list of rules your toddler is playing by:

Did I mention my son just smacked in to the terrible twos?  His new trick is to declare “my turn” every time he wants something.

If you’re looking for…something to ponder:

The NYTs asks the question: how do you raise a moral child?


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