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Weekend Reads: Mother’s Day, LGBT Parents Legal Discrimination, Study Tips, etc


Happy Mother’s Day everyone!  If you are a mother, have a mother, or love a mother here are a few links for you:

First, for the science-ish among us, a biologist’s mothers day song.

For the techie, here’s 5 cool mother’s day gifts.

And if you need a quick present idea, here’s a fun science experiment that results in a fizzy scented bath bomb.

And from the animal world, here’s a few interesting mothering habits.


Alright, now what else are you in the mood for?

If you’re looking for….study help:

Ways your teenager might be studying wrong, and suggestions to do better.

If you’re looking for….some outrage:

Drexel University research shows that LGBT parents still face discrimination in custody disputes.  Not surprising, but still infuriating.

If you’re looking for….some work/life balance:

Five highly successful women share parenting tips.  Good advice is gender-neutral.

If you’re looking for….a good reason to do some art with your kids:

Why art matters in elementary school education.

If you’re looking for….someone to restore your faith in humanity:

A mom whose son was denied lunch at school due to an unpaid balance makes good by paying off her own debt ($4.95), but also the debt for every other kid owing money.


Featured Image Credit: Mez Love

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