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Weekend Reads: Astronaut Parenting, Dinosaur Pancakes, Comic Strips, etc


Good day to you!  How is every little thing this weekend?  In the mood for anything in particular?


If you’re looking for….some guidance:

What to do if your child’s school says they need to be “tested”.  We hear this term thrown around all the time, but what does it mean?

If you’re looking for….some science:

“Resilient parenting of children at developmental risk across middle childhood”.  Maternal optimism appears to be a protective factor.

Also, babies may sense when you’re stressed.

If you’re looking for….a unique parenting challenge:

How would you parent from space?  One astronaut tells how.

If you’re looking for….some good breakfast ideas:

A science lesson in your pancakes.

If you’re looking for….some comics:

Well, not really comics.  The best interviews with comics authors.  Some for kids, some not, but interesting reads for anyone.


Featured Image Credit: NASA HQ

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