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Weekend Reads: Math for Preschoolers, Sylvia Plath for Kids, etc


Well hello hello!  How is your weekend going?  Looking for something to read?  Allow me to make a few suggestions….


If you’re looking for….some art:

Portraits of teenage girls and their rooms.  Interesting expressions of personality.

If you’re looking for….some memories:

When do kids start making memories?  It may be as early as age 2.

If you’re looking for….a place to pick flowers:

Or take rocks, or otherwise just have fun, try a nature play area.  Fewer rules, more fun.

If you’re looking for….some math:

Math lessons for preschoolers.  More than just counting.

If you’re looking for….an unusual new bed time read:

Who knew Sylvia Plath had a kids book made out of some of her stuff?

If you’re looking for….yet ANOTHER reason to vaccinate:

US measles rates at a 20 year high.  Sigh.


Featured Image Credit: The Sylvia Plath Bed Book

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