Weekend Reads: Science Labs, Project Night Night, Left Handed News, etc

Hello hello!

How is everyone this weekend?  For those of us who are from the USA, it’s a long weekend for the Independence Day holiday.  I’ve been enjoying myself, and I hope you have too.  Also, a big shout out to GPs one and only Ginny, who is doing a class on recovering your sexuality, if the way your were raised left you feeling not so great.  You’ll love the price.

Now, what are we in the mood for today?


If you’re looking for….some kid friendly science labs:

Here’s eight.

If you’re looking for…a good charity:

Project Night Night gives blankets and soft stuffed animals to children living in shelters.

If you’re looking for….science to make you say hmmmm:

At least in the northern hemisphere, men born in November, December or January are more likely to be left-handed.  Huh.

If you’re looking for….some skepticism:

Clay Jones over at Science Based Medicine deconstructs how to assess claims about kids products, especially those claiming to have a medical benefit.


Featured Image Credit: lake1219 


Bethany is a perpetual student who just won't stop taking classes. She's gone from engineering to psych and family systems to applied statistics, and is really fascinated by how people feel about numbers. She blogs about this over at Graph Paper Diaries, and experimenting with contingency tables at Two Ways to Be Wrong.

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