Weekend Reads: Immunization Awareness Month, Octopus Moms, Science Shirts, etc

Happy August everyone!  It’s National Immunization Awareness Month.  Spread the word, not the disease.


If you’re looking for….a hardcore mom:

Check out this octopus.  4.5 years guarding her eggs.  No food.  Yowza.

If you’re looking for….some good news:

Land’s End got a complaint about their lack of science shirts for girls.  They promised to do better.  They did.

If you’re looking for….some math:

5 ways to help your kids be better at math.

If you’re looking for….an interesting Quora:

What to do when your 15 year old has a hickey on her neck

If you’re looking for….some class differences:

The Economist looks at class divides and how it affects where parents can spend their time.


Featured Image Credit: Army Medicine


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