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Weekend Reads: Mindful Parenting, Love your Lines, Lean In for Toddlers, Etc


Well hello hello!  My apologies for missing Weekend Reads last week….I went on a bit of impromptu vacation, and couldn’t more than sporadic internet access.  By the time I realized I couldn’t get the post finished and up, the weekend was over.  Thus is summer.

Anyway, so what are you in the mood for today?

If you’re looking for….some body love:

A new Instagram account celebrates stretchmarks.  Love your Lines.

If you’re looking for….some self-compassion:

Mindful parenting may be good for both parents and kids.

If you’re looking for….some toddler motivation:

Lean In for Toddlers.  From Mary.

If you’re looking for….some ways to get your kids to love math/science:

A little trickery.  A little motivation.  Working numbers in where you can.

If you’re looking for….a maternity leave conversation starter:

Another high profile CEO is taking maternity leave (YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki).  While obviously things are different when you make as much money as she does, I appreciate the conversation this gets started.  Lots of good commentary about increasing paternity leave too.

Featured Image Credit: Kenley Neufeld 

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