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Weekend Reads: Kids inspire parents, Cinematherapy, New Parenting Trends?


Well hello everyone!  Here in the States, it’s Labor Day Weekend, the last weekend of summer.  School starts up again, my toddler is moving in to the 2 year old classroom, and I’m wondering why time is flying so fast.

Now what do you want today?


If you want….a story of kids inspiring parents:

Malala Yousafzai’s mom is learning to read and write.  Awesome.

If you want….some new safety ideas:

New ideas for addressing the issue of kids being left in hot cars.  None are endorsed by the NHTA, but some are intriguing ideas.

If you want….some cinematherapy for parents:

Interesting approach to therapy for parents….find movies that resonate with the parenting styles they aspire too.

If you want some….science:

The way couples play with a doll together hints at how they will parent together.  Interesting preliminary research.

If you want some….interesting perspective:

Are your children the enemy? (from Lou)

If you want some….cute animals:

25 best parenting moments in the animal kingdom.  Yeah, it’s clickbait but it’s soooooooo cuuuuuuuute.

If you want some….new parenting trends:

The Onion has you covered.


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