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Weekend Read: Tina Fey, the NFL, Plant Science, Beautiful Science, etc


Well good day to you all!  How is everyone doing this weekend:


If you’re looking for….some thoughts on breastfeeding:

Our very own Steph was interviewed over The Momivist about her thoughts on breastfeeding campaigns.  Steph’s original GP article is here.

If you’re looking for….some football news:

We’re not even two weeks in to the season, and the NFL has already sparked a national conversation about domestic violence with Ray Rice.  Now Adrian Peterson has been charged with reckless or negligent injury to a child.  Details are still emerging, but my guess is there will be a LOT of talk about what constitutes discipline and what constitutes abuse in the coming weeks.

If you’re looking for….some Tina Fey:

Tina Fey talks about how working with Alec Baldwin improved her parenting skills.  I think she’s only sort of joking.  Still, it leads to an interesting conversation regarding how work can make you a better parent, and parenting can make you better at work.

If you’re looking for….some indoor plant science:

How to make an edible mini garden.  There’s something about planting a plant and watching it grow that does good things to people, especially kids.  No space required, just a pie pan.

If you’re looking for….some online science:

A new meta-analysis shows that turning traditional parenting classes in to online resources didn’t render them useless.  This is good news for reaching those who may not have the resources to attend a class.

If you’re looking for….some beautiful science:

Exploring science through art.

Also, two new science based board games, reviewed.

If you’re looking for….some tips on low-tech parenting:

How Steve Jobs did it.  (from Mary)


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