Weekend Reads: Corporal Punishment, Bodies of Mothers, Values in Parenting, etc

Well howdy!  How’s everybody doing today?  The days are getting shorter where I am, and my two year old is very concerned about it.  So far this week he has asked “is outside broken?” and “mama, turn light on outside”.  I like his faith in my powers.

While I can’t help the days get longer, I can help you find something to read!  What are you looking for today?


If you’re looking for….some commentary on corporal punishment:

Back in January, Clay Jones at Science Based Medicine wrote a blog post on it.  Interesting stuff.

A less science based article at NPR talks about the history of the issue, and how it reflects how we feel about our own childhoods.

If you’re looking for….a little bit of progress:

The US census is (finally!) going to count gay and lesbian parents.

If you’re looking for….some common ground:

Pew Research has a new survey out about what values parents most want to teach their kids.  There’s a remarkable amount of common ground, regardless of family structure.  Interesting as well: creativity is more important to more parents than faith.

Time magazine has a good breakdown by political persuasion here.

If you’re looking for….some advice about teenagers:

Protect when you must, permit when you can.

If you’re looking for….some beautiful bodies:

The bodies of mothers.  In a world of photoshop, I love seeing pictures of real people.


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