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Weekend Reads: Two Epic Callouts, Baby Halloween, Christian Harry Potter, etc


Well hello there!  How’s everyone doing this weekend?  It’s supposed to be 80 degrees here this weekend, so we’re about to get out of the house for one last weekend of summer fun.

But before we get there, what are you in the mood for this weekend?


If you’re looking for….some cuteness:

Baby Halloween costumes.  I’ve actually done the monkey one.  He enjoyed the bananas.

If you’re looking for….some more GP writers around the web:

Lisa has a great piece up about her time as an anti-vaxxer.

Kavin also has a great piece up about Dr Oz and GMOs.  Spoiler alert: he said something stupid.

If you’re looking for…..something more than a little ridiculous:

This mom’s Christian rewrite of Harry Potter fits the bill.  We’re gonna hope this is a hoax.  A very long and elaborate hoax.  (from Mary)

If you’re looking for….current events update:

5 months after #bringbackourgirls, the HuffPo has an update.  It’s not too positive.

If you’re looking for….some thoughts on intelligence:

Kid’s intelligence is not just improved at school.  A science based discussion of intellectual development.

If you’re looking for….a good call out:

A Russian cosmonaut calls out the press for focusing on her hair and parenting.  She’s gonna be the 4th woman in space, and that’s all they’ve got?  Argh.

Since the press never asks men how they’ll handle big jobs while being a parent, this CEOs daughter took matters in to her own hands.  She presented her Dad with a list of 22 events he’d missed in her life, and he ended up stepping down and cutting back.  There are rumors other things were at play as well, but I am all for us having a conversation about how men handle parenting when they’re away for 80+ hour work weeks.  This shouldn’t just be a mom question.

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