Weekend Reads: Bullying Prevention Month, Domestic Violence Awareness, Women’s “Choices”

Well hello hello everyone, how are things?

October is National Bullying Prevention Month!  Here’s the official link.

I thought this was an interesting list of what bullying looks like at different age.

It’s also National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Two tough issues that always need more awareness.


If you’re looking for….commentary on “women’s choices”

When discussing the low numbers of women in certain fields, the go to phrase is often that “women simply make different choices”.  This article does an interesting job of showing that the struggle to balance motherhood may simply be the last straw in a hostile culture, not a simple choice.

If you’re looking for….some more work discussion:

How your job affects your parenting.

If you’re looking for….the way things change:

Parenting as a Gen-Xer.  The Washington Post looks in to what it’s like to parent in the age of ieverything.

If you’re looking for….some travel thoughts:

This is a pretty nice piece on 9 things your kids can learn while traveling.  There’s some good life lessons in there.

If you’re looking for….something about parenting with cancer:

Won’t apply to everyone, but it’s a good resource to know.


Featured Image Credit: Maryland GovPics


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