Weekend Reads: Confessions of a Bully, Halloween treats, etc

Well hello hello!  How are we all doing this weekend?  We’ve had a fun one full of pre-Halloween parties, so we’re a little oversugared and sleepy now.  Time for some internet reading!  So, what are you looking for?



If you’re looking for….a take on bullying:

Jamie Sullivan tells her daughter that she was a bully, and why she stopped.    I like it when former bullies speak out.  It’s not an easy thing to admit about yourself, and it’s good that she’s doing it in the context of helping her own daughter stay kind.

If you’re looking for….some cute Halloween snack ideas:

The 15 best suggestions from Pinterest.  Okay, so I’m not going to make any of these.  Oh well, it’s fun to look.

If you’re looking for….some stock photos:

Stock photos of families with more relatable captions.  I like these.

If you’re looking for….the reason you’re stressed and happy:

It’s because you’re a parent (according to a new Gallup poll).

If you’re looking for….the start of a new drug conversation:

The NYTs is asking parents for feedback: how do you talk to your kids about pot now that it’s legal some places?  Not a lot of conclusion yet, but an interesting topic.

If you’re looking for….advice about average students:

In some circles you hear a lot about how to make your kids the best.  But what’s wrong with being average?


Featured Image Credit: The Girl Who Ate Everything


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