Weekend Reads: Halloween costumes, Vanilla Ice, Common Core, Baby Brain, etc

Hello hello!  How are things this weekend?  Halloween go well for everyone?  My little Ironman teamed up with his buddy the pirate, and a good time was had by all.


If you’re looking for….some thoughts on Common Core:

Or math education in general, here are 5

If you’re looking for….a pregnancy announcement idea:

I’m generally a pregnancy announcement minimalist, but if you can get Vanilla Ice to help you….well yeah.  You do this.

If you’re looking for….some medical advice for children:

If it’s common, ask a doctor.  If it’s a rare disease, parents may know more.  Not in the woo-ish/intuition way we hear so often, but in the actual medical sense.  Interesting article on how parents and doctors can team up.

If you’re looking for….a reason not to judge:

Why one mom doesn’t breastfeed.

If you’re looking for….a Halloween costume for next year:

Get a jump on 2015 with this idea.

Also from iO9, reviews for “sexy PhD” costume.

If you’re looking for….some baby brain:

It turns out when people think a woman they don’t know is pregnant, they rank her less competent.  Uuuuugh.


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