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Weekend Reads: Sea Worm Parenting, The App/Gender Divide, Kiddo Birthdays


Hello hello!  I’m running late this week, but I believe in most time zones it’s still the weekend.  Success!  Let’s get right to it.



If you’re looking for….some advice from pros:

4 NASA moms talk about how to get girls in to STEM.

If you’re looking for….some advice from other species:

Here’s how deep water sea worms parent, uh, brood, their young.  Maybe no real cross-species advice, but I still think it’s pretty interesting.

If you’re looking for….some cuteness:

Kids enjoying their birthdays.  I love this stuff.

If you’re looking for….a story about parents:

What it’s like to be the child of Holocaust survivors.  These stories should never be forgotten.

If you’re looking for….some gender divisions:

Try parenting apps.  Interesting look at how even modern technology can reinforce old stereotypes.


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