Weekend Reads: Physics and Fingers, Mean Kids, Sexist Science, etc

Well hello hello!  Welcome back to weekend reads.  After a brief Thanksgiving hiatus, we’re back with a vengeance.  What are you in the mood for today?


If you’re looking for….some physics:

A physicist explains to his daughter why fingers get cold.

If you’re looking for….some mean girls:

Unsurprisingly, it may not look like what you think.  How to help your sons not be “mean boys”.

If you’re looking for….some sad parenting:

Parenting children who are terminally ill.  Very good, very sad.

If you’re looking for….a reason not to blame mothers:

A new call to reject sexist science.

If you’re looking for….some science experiments:

10 Christmas based science experiments for preschoolers. I kind of want to make some ice ornaments now.

If you’re looking for….some help with mental illness:

An interesting take on parenting with mental illness.  What to do when your children are what’s triggering you.

If you’re looking for….a legal battle:

Young vs UPS has the potential to influence how pregnant workers in the US get treated from here on in.


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Bethany is a perpetual student who just won't stop taking classes. She's gone from engineering to psych and family systems to applied statistics, and is really fascinated by how people feel about numbers. She blogs about this over at Graph Paper Diaries, and experimenting with contingency tables at Two Ways to Be Wrong.

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