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Weekend Reads: Physics and Fingers, Mean Kids, Sexist Science, etc


Well hello hello!  Welcome back to weekend reads.  After a brief Thanksgiving hiatus, we’re back with a vengeance.  What are you in the mood for today?


If you’re looking for….some physics:

A physicist explains to his daughter why fingers get cold.

If you’re looking for….some mean girls:

Unsurprisingly, it may not look like what you think.  How to help your sons not be “mean boys”.

If you’re looking for….some sad parenting:

Parenting children who are terminally ill.  Very good, very sad.

If you’re looking for….a reason not to blame mothers:

A new call to reject sexist science.

If you’re looking for….some science experiments:

10 Christmas based science experiments for preschoolers. I kind of want to make some ice ornaments now.

If you’re looking for….some help with mental illness:

An interesting take on parenting with mental illness.  What to do when your children are what’s triggering you.

If you’re looking for….a legal battle:

Young vs UPS has the potential to influence how pregnant workers in the US get treated from here on in.


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