Weekend Reads: Complimenting Your Kids, Extreme Daycare, Toddler Facebook, etc

Hello hello!  How’s everyone doing today?  On the plus side, I’ve got my Christmas decorating done.  On the minus side, I have a vicious sore throat and stuffed sinuses.  Fun weekend.  Anyway, what are you in the mood for this weekend?



If you’re looking for….some compliments:

Try these 10 compliments you should give to your kids.  I really like the idea of telling your kids that you appreciate they’re part of your family.  With all the stress of daily life, “I like being your parent” is a great reminder for you and for them.

If you’re looking for….extreme daycare:

An interesting article on the rise of 24 hour day cares, and how that even works.

If you’re looking for….some new apps:

Kid based and science backed apps.  Looks interesting.

If you’re looking for….some Facebook:

Not for you.  For your toddler.  The “stocking up on my favorite foods makes me lose interest” thing is my life.

If you’re looking for….family trees:

Interesting thoughts on genealogy from an adopted child.

If you’re looking for….advice on raising a gaming prodigy:

This guy has your curriculum.  Serious gamers only.


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