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Weekend Reads: Kids Movie Research/Reviews, Rock Star Parents, Real Family Photos


Well hello hello!  It’s been a fun and eventful weekend here, as my dear little 2 year old son has some sort of stomach bug.  It started on his way home from daycare Friday….I got a text from my husband saying he’d thrown up.  When I got home 20 minutes later, my son was sitting on the couch looking very pale and sad.  I asked him how he was and he said “Mama, I spilled my tummy.  I spilled it on the floor!”.  From here on in, this is how I will refer to all vomit, always.

But enough about tummy spills, what kind of link are you looking for this weekend?


If you’re looking for….some Ayn Rand for kids:

Here she is reviewing children’s movies.  Objectively, of course.

If you’re looking for….more commentary on kids movies:

The British Medical Journal has a new study highlighting the violence in some of our most loved kids films.  Spoiler alert: we show our kids a LOT of parent death.

If you’e looking for….some developmental psych:

How our earliest experiences influence us later on….a little a little.

If you’re looking for….why you have kids on the brain:

If you’re a mom, your kids cells could be literally in your brain.

If you’re looking for….some rock stars:

Here they are talking about their parents.  I love that Frank Zappa’s mom was jealous of his hair.

If you’re looking for….the photographs of our lives:

I like these.  I really like these.

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