Weekend Reads: Viral Parenting, Elephant Moms and Parentology, etc

Hello hello!  How are we doing this weekend?  We’re recovering from too many parties in the last few days, just in time to head back to work tomorrow.  Ah well.  What are you looking for today?



If you’re looking for….a year end parenting wrap up:

Here’s the top 8 viral parenting moments of 2014.

If you’re looking for….a cross cultural perspective:

Elephant vs tiger moms.  Interesting stuff (from Lou)

If you’re looking for….a different kind of holiday wish:

A holiday in foster care.  Sad and uncertain future.

If you’re looking for….a new book:

Haven’t read this one, but it looks interesting “Parentology“…science based parenting.

If you’re looking for….some new illustrations:

A Korean artist took on Western fairy tales….very fun seeing stories I grew up with re-imagined.

If you’re looking for….some new thoughts on discipline:

Some neurology researchers are using research to assess our discipline methods.  A long read, but a good one.


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