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A Very Pinterest-ing New Year’s Eve With Kids

For some reason, I’ve recently rediscovered my addiction to Pinterest. As I’ve said before, this is mostly about questionable decision-making with respect to dips.

Behold — cream cheese in the shape of a snowman!

snowman with crackers

In the midst of all of this dip-judging, I fell down a rabbit hole filled with ideas for celebrating New Year’s Eve with your kids. I’m not sure why I kept clicking. My son will be at his grandparents, my daughter will be asleep and I hope to be watching Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper with my husband. But wait, said Pinterest! Don’t let that stop you. Throw a noon o’clock party for New Years!


No matter when you start your party, begin by listing all the ways your kids can be better.

kids resolutions
If you don’t listen to me, I will remind you with this delightful sign.

You will also need an endless supply of toilet paper tubes, an essential component of any Pinterest craft.

toilet paper tube poppers
These are actually kind of cool.

Many New Year’s Eve crafts involve clocks. I think you get extra points if they’re edible.

Cookie? Clock? Cookie? Clock?
Cookie? Clock? Cookie? Clock?

Don’t forget to toast! Mostly this seems to involve fancy-making your milk.


If you have a Pinterest-inspired party and you don’t take pictures, did it even happen? So don’t forget to create a photo booth so you can record all of that work for posterity (and copious social media sharing). Then sit back and feel pretty darn smug because you just won at parenting.

Pics or it didn't happen!
Pics or it didn’t happen!

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Jenny Splitter

Jenny Splitter is a writer, storyteller and over-scheduled mom of two living in Washington, DC. She spends her glamorous days trying to write whatever she can, counting 1-2-3 in a slow yet threatening manner to her children, playing with gluten and working to eradicate dog hair from the planet (or at least her home). Find her on Twitter , Google+ and Facebook

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        1. I’m going to take this chance to thank each and every one of you guys at Grounded Parents for your articles in the last year, and to tell you I hope you have a great 2015, and I’m looking forward to more great articles!
          Happy New Year GP crew!!

  1. Well, we’Re currently taking bets if the kids will make it until midnight. Pretty sure the older one will.
    As for the party, they have to put up with the adult party*. Not everything in my life has to exclusively cater to the kids.

    And by “party” I mean three friends are coming over for a nice meal.

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