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Weekend Reads: Awesome cribs, FitBit Parenting, etc


Well hello hello!  After a few technical difficulties, we’re back this week with some more weekend reads!  What are you looking for this weekend?


If you’re looking for….genetics that will make you smile:
Babies and their parent’s baby pictures….some of these make me wonder if parthenogenesis might actually occur in humans.

If you’re looking for….a crib that will make you jealous:
This guy made his nephew a shark crib.  It’s as awesome as it sounds.  Click here now.

If you’re looking for….a day in the life of a parent (as told by FitBit):
Hey, someone has that!

If you’re looking for….all about Lego:
How Lego became the Apple of toys.  Interesting comparison, interesting long form piece.

If you’re looking for….some discipline tips:
An experienced teacher helps you out.  (from Mary)

If you’re looking for….some advice about Facebook:
The pitfalls of Facebook parenting.  Interesting discussion about age of kids and privacy too.

If you’re looking for….a strange but important job:
This one comes with a content note for graphic talk of child abuse.  An interesting article by a guy who works as an actor mimicking abused children, to help train police officers/lawyers/social workers how to properly interview potentially abused children.  Sad, interesting and insightful.

If you’re looking for….a non traditional pregnancy announcement:
Try this one.  Not every family can pull it off, but it made me literally LOL.


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