Weekend Reads: Secular Values, Alternative Bed Time Stories, etc

Well hello hello!  We made it to February folks.  Here in the northeast, we’re currently headed towards our second big storm in under a week, and I am REALLY looking forward to shoveling more.  Really.  Need something to read while you’re housebound with snow (or whatever it is you people who don’t get pummeled with snow do)?


If you’re looking for….some defensiveness:

Anti-vaccine folks are taking some heat, and not enjoying it.

If you’re looking for….some baby and parenting apps:

The Bump has a list of the 25 best  parenting apps.

If you’re looking for….some help with allergies AND bullying:

It’s a sad fact that kids dealing with food allergies often also deal with more bullying.  Here’s some tips to help deal.

If you’re looking for….some secular values:

Apparently they stack up!  Raising kids without religion does not cause them to be serial killers.  Phew.

If you’re looking for….an alternative bed time story:

Maybe skip the fairy tales and talk about science instead?


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