Weekend Reads: Vaccine News, Good Dads and Kids in America

Well hello hello!  My house is on it’s 4th or 5th foot of snow in the last two weeks.  It’s just as fun as it sounds.  Anyway, what are you looking for this weekend?



If you’re looking for….some vaccine news:

Meet one of the men behind the anti vax movement (from Mary)

Also, the Atlantic covers how schools are handling anti-vax parents.

Here’s Roald Dahl’s heartbreaking letter about his daughters death from measles (verified by Snopes!).

If you’re looking for….some social media help:

How social media changed parenting forever.  “The irony of cell phones is that my kids are not as present when they are actually with me but are far more present, when they are away.”

If you’re looking for….the reality of many kids in America:

Half of all public school children live in poverty.  Teachers do their best for kids in tough circumstances.

Also, 1/5 of kids in America are on food stamps.

If you’re looking for….a kid friendly food pyramid:

The Eat This, Not That folks have obliged.

If you’re looking for….stats on mental illness and parenting:

An interesting study from BYU studies rates of depression in different types of parents.

If you’re looking for….a good Dad:

This guy went to beauty school so he could do his daughters hair.  Things that make you go aaaaaaaaaaawwwwwweeee.


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