Weekend Reads: Virtual Babysitters, Stepping on Legos, etc

Well hello hello folks!  It’s been a while.  Work ate me for a bit, but I’m back now!




If you’re looking for….a Lego to step on:

Here’s why it hurts so much.  Not really so much about parenting as addressing a common reality of parenting….and man do those suckers hurt.

If you’re looking for….some explanation of the adolescent brain:

Some interesting research here.  Interesting that the risk taking behavior may be more linked to the presence of friends than brain chemistry differences.

If you’re looking for….some science and parenting history:

Try “when did parenting become a science“.  Interesting history of the study of parenting, and the pressure this puts on modern parents.

If you’re looking for….some science on YouTube:

This list had some good suggestions.

If you’re looking for….some bath advice:

Try this.  We had to dial back baths when the little one got eczema too.

If you’re looking for….a virtual babysitter:

Facetime/Skype “babysitting” is growing in popularity.  Is it a good idea?


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  1. Lego: my cousin stepped on one when he was just starting to walk (it was a duplo lego actually), in a weird way apparently, because he broke his hip.

    Bath: it sounds like they’re talking about actually washing their child every night with soap or soap-like liquid? We just put Ian in the tub to play every night, we wash him once a week. Either that doesn’t cause eczema so quickly or he’s just not prone to it. I had been expecting it actually: I was like a walking eczema and allergy collection until I hit my teens.

  2. We don’t even use soap during bath time, just shampoo and conditioner, and only once a week. My daughter has always had dry skin, like me, so that was a concern, but also she just doesn’t get that dirty. I take a shower every day but I only wash my hair twice a week and I don’t use any soap, and I’m just fine. I mostly just take a shower because it wakes me up better than coffee.

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