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Weekend Reads: Teaching Evolution in Kentucky, Breast Milk Donation, etc


Well hello hello!  How’s everyone doing this weekend?  After a long snowy winter and a lot of working weekends, I’m feeling good just hanging out in a sunny spot on the couch….even if my son is trying to stick a grape scented saline spray up my nose.  Parenting has made me very immune to a certain level of ambient chaos.  Anyway, what can I help you find today?


If you’re looking for….some advice about time with your kids:

Quality not quantity.  Interesting break down of what matters when spending time with kids.

If you’re looking for….cute animals:

I feel like I’ve posted this before, but I’m still a sucker for cute animal parenting.

If you’re looking for….some child prodigies:

9 Child Prodigies who went on to do big things.

If you’re looking for….an interesting debate:

Should breast milk donation be like blood donation, or should you get paid?  Interesting debate.

If you’re looking for….food advice:

Pediatricians adjusting to the latest research on food and allergies.

If you’re looking for….parenting around the world:

UNICEF has and update on parenting challenges around the world.

If you’re looking for….evolution in the classroom:

What it’s like to teach evolution at the University of Kentucky.


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