Weekend Reads: Vaccines, Parenting Behind Bars, GP Bloggers Around the Web, etc

Well hello hello!  I’m super happy you stopped by today!  We’ve got lots of tasty vaccine related stuff, some GP bloggers writing cool things for other outlets, and so much more!  So, what are you looking for today?



If you’re looking for….awesome GP bloggers in other places:

Check out Steph’s post on sex ed here.  “My kids are going to learn about sex.  And I’m okay with that.” Remarkable how many people seem to reject that simple premise.

Also, check out Kavin on, taking down more anti-GMO nonsense.

If you’re looking for….an anti-vaxxer change of heart:

Admitting you’re wrong is hard to do, and I admire people willing to do it publicly.  My sincerest hope is that her family heals up well and with no further damage from this illness (from Mary).

If you’re looking for….pro-vaxx incentives:

Australia cuts child care rebates for those who don’t vaccinate.  It will be interesting to see the kind of effect this has (from Jack99).

If you’re looking for….a polio review:

NPR does a good review here.  I used to work with a guy who was one of the last cases of polio in the US.  The vaccine had come out, but had not made it to his region when he got ill.  Decades later, he still walked with a noticeable limp.  Interesting to read the timeline (from Mary).

If you’re looking for….a push to keep moms and babies together:

Interesting program keeps mothers and babies together in prisons.  Better bonding and lower recidivism rates?  Sounds like a win.

If you’re looking for….National Sibling Day stuff:

Okay, so it was yesterday,but this group of photos are still adorable.


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