Weekend Reads: Food Cubes, Reading Rainbow, etc

Well hello hello!  The end of the semester ate me, but I’m back now.  Feels good.




If you’re looking for….a cool visual:

Different foods cut in to 2.5cm cubes.  Very cool looking.

If you’re looking for….the new Reading Rainbow:

Mary just passed along the link….it’s up and running!

If you’re looking for….some thoughts on Dads:

Matthew Yglesias became a Dad and spent 4 weeks walking around his neighborhood with his son in a Baby Bjorn, and here’s what he noticed.

If you’re looking for….advice for parenting while mentally ill:

Here’s 5 tips that might be helpful

If you’re looking for….religious advice:

Or rather, what to do now that more of us are parenting without religion, try here.


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