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Weekend Reads: International Parenting Values, Hogwart’s Sex Ed, etc


Well hello hello!  How’s everyone doing today?  We had a busy day at the zoo yesterday, so things are good here.  Anyway, what are we in the mood for today?




If you’re looking for….questions about Hogwart’s sex-ed:

Buzzfeed has more questions than answers (from Lance)

If you’re looking for….creative toddler lunch ideas (that you’ll never make):

Well, I don’t know if you’ll make them or not.  I’ll think about it, but then I won’t.  Either way, here they are.  Do what you will.

If you’re looking for….a country that matches your parenting values:

Try this quiz here.  I got South Korea.

If you’re looking for….Bill Nye:

Try here, he’s on Netflix!

If you’re looking for….heart warming uses for technology:

A blind mom to be gets a 3D printout of her ultrasound.


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