Weekend Reads: Cuckoo birds, childhood hallucinations, SIDS, etc

Well hello hello!  How is everyone doing this weekend?  I’m pretty good here, as I managed to snag my first day off from work in 12 days or so, and the sun’s shining.  Life is good.



If you’re looking for….an interesting study:

Overly critical parenting linked to anxiety disorder symptoms in kids.  Interesting data.

If you’re looking for….info on childhood hallucinations:

Childhood hallucinations might be more common than you think.  The appear to peak in mid-childhood, but that could just be when kids are aware enough to report they’re having them.

If you’re looking for….some fun science toys/books:

Try this list.

If you’re looking for….some SIDS news:

Altitude may play a part.  Interesting.

If you’re looking for….a parent you may not want to mimic:

The cuckoo bird does not look like a good role model.

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