Weekend Reads: Bad Kids Books, GOT and Pro Choice Parents

Well hello hello!  How’s everyone doing this weekend?  We good?  Everyone good?  Great!  Now what are you looking for this fine day?




If you’re looking for….a different kids book:

A few weeks (months?) ago, I linked to a list of classic kids books, and a few people mentioned that “I Love You Forever” was pretty creepy.  Flavorwire agrees, and has put together a list of the worst kids books and what to replace them with.  While I like some of the “worst”, I have to say the suggestions sound pretty good.

If you’re looking for….some parenting tips:

Or anti-parenting tips, try this review of Game of Thrones parenting.  Compared to these guys, I’m doing great!

If you’re looking for….unique parenting situations:

I always find how astronauts parent fascinating.  Going somewhere so few people go, while trying to raise your kids is an interesting challenge.

Also, kids being raised in a commune.  Not sure I’d live there, but it was an interesting read.

If you’re looking for….pro-choice parents:

An interesting new Tumblr.  I was raised in a really conservative religious environment, and I was shocked how many people thought that having a child and being pro-choice were incompatible.

If you’re looking for….Bill Nye and science for kids:

Look no further.

If you’re looking for….some maternal mortality rate data:

Check it out here.  Have rates really doubled?


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