Weekend Reads: Presidential Dads, Gummy Legos, Paid Leave, etc

Well hello hello everyone!  Happy Father’s Day to those who celebrate/are being celebrated.  Okay, so what are you in the mood for today?


If you’re looking for…presidential fathers:

An interesting collection of photos of US presidents and their kids.  Was just actually talking about this last night with my own Dad, who’s a bit of a history buff.

If you’re looking for…paid parental leave:

An interesting look at the difference between “paternal leave” and “parental leave” and some of the possible outcomes of both policies.

If you’re looking for…the science in Inside Out:

What Inside Out gets right about childhood emotions.

If you’re looking for…some new science:

A study of childhood anaphylactic reactions shows 15% of kids could have a second one several hours after the first.  I have a severe allergy to bee stings, and we’ve been watching my son for it….so this is good to know.

If you’re looking for…a Lego that won’t hurt when you step on it:

Gummy Legos!  Pretty cool actually.


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