Weekend Reads: ADHD, Lego, Ugh and more ugh

Well hello hello!  I hope those of you in the US enjoyed your 4th of July celebrations, and everyone just enjoyed yourselves generally.  We stayed in with tummy bugs all weekend, so I’m pretty sure your weekend was better than mine.  I’m still trying to get the couch clean.  Moving on….what are you looking for today?


If you’re looking for….some ugh:

Jim Carey’s Twitter rant about vaccines.  Apparently it’s part of a movie marketing thing?  Oh boy. (from Mary)

If you’re looking for….more ugh, but some good:

This mom got a lot support after a store owner tried to publicly call her  out for the crime of….wearing her 5 year old in a baby carrier?  Not a thing you see every day, but most certainly not egregious.  Unless someone’s being abusive to their child, I’m not really in to the “let me harshly judge someone’s parenting skills by the 8 seconds I just witnessed”.  Especially when that involves snapping a secret photo, posting it online with a rant about how they’re stupid and damaging their kids.  Ugh.

If you’re looking for….writing about a difficult time:

A mother’s heartbreaking piece about her pregnancy after a miscarriage.

If you’re looking for….some Lego’s:

Lego added more women to it’s science lineups!

If you’re looking for….a reason for a good social safety net:

1 in 5 kids is on foodstamps.  What happens to these kids when school’s out?

If you’re looking for….some science:

Interesting new study on classroom interventions that help kids with ADHD.

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