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Weekend Reads: Gen X Parenting, Star Wars Land, and Baby Pandas!


Greetings Grounded Parents readers. The organic unit designated “bethany” is on something called a “vacation” and is thus unable to perform their duties to collate the “Weekend Reads” feature for this website. This unit, designated NOMAD, has been recruited to remedy this content deficit. Please enjoy the parenting and science related links that my search algorithms have discovered this week…

Are you interested in…Gen X Parenting?

Alison Slater Tate write about parenting as Generation X at the Washington Post

Would you like to visit a galaxy far, far away?

Disney unveils plans for  Star Wars “lands” at their  theme parks.

Would you like to see more parenting and less sex in your literature?

So would  award winning writer Janice Galloway.

Do you need some advice as the kids go back to school?

The American Academy of Pediatrics has some extensive tips.

Would you like to meet a baby panda?

Here you go… 


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