Weekend Reads: Car Seat Science, Bed Time Stories, etc

Hello hello! I’m back! Big thanks to Lou and Daisy for two excellent Weekend Reads editions while I’ve been off gallivanting about. Now….what can I interest you in today?

If you’re looking for….a beautiful case of crowdfunding:

A Lebanese man started a crowdfund for a Syrian refuge selling pens on the street while his daughter slept in his arms. It reached it’s goal and exceeded it. Good news in a word too often full of bad news.

If you’re looking for….a better way of learning math and science:

Try having your kids explain to you what they’re learning, out loud. It helps retention and understanding.

If you’re looking for….some good math and science apps:

These might help your kids dust off the summer brain drain.

If you’re looking for….another reason to like bedtime stories:

This article spells out the benefits pretty well. “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” is the current favorite at our house.

If you’re looking for….the science behind car seat recommendations:

Try this. While I’ve always followed our pediatricians recommendations for car seats, I’ll admit I didn’t actually know most of this reasoning.

If you’re looking for….more science based parenting advice:

Try this new book. Haven’t read it, but it looks promising.


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