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Weekend Reads: Get Your Kids to Sleep, New Yorker Cartoons, etc


Hello hello! If you’re in the US, hope you’re having a lovely Labor Day weekend, and if you’re not you’re just having a lovely weekend. Now, what are you looking for today?

If you’re looking for….new words:

This page helps you find what words first known use was in your birth year. I got “chill pill”.

If you’re looking for….a way to get your kid to sleep:

Maybe try this book? Haven’t read it, but it’s creating quite a stir.

If you’re looking for….some insights in to views on parenting:

This upcoming paper may have some. They used New Yorker cartoons to track how the privileged view parenting and children over the decades. Interesting concept

If you’re looking for….shift work parenting:

An under-recognized phenomena.

If you’re looking for….concussion information:

Interesting updates in concussion detection and treatment for kids.


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