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Internet Meme Demolition Derby: The Grounded Parents Memes

We find some truly awful memes wandering the social media landscape. Facebook seems especially infested. The ease with which memes can be shared and viewed makes Facebook the perfect medium for the spread of bad ideas and anti-scientific attitudes.  But there’s no reason that this power should only be used for evil,  our  own Erich Bacher has been pushing back by creating his own awesome memes and sharing them on the Grounded Parents Facebook page.  What? You haven’t “liked” the Grounded Parents Facebook Page? Shame on you,  not only will the GP page keep you up to date on posts published here at the blog, we also share interesting links and host some lively conversations. Here’s a taste of what you might be missing.

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Feel free to release these into your own social media bloodstream. Maybe they’ll go viral and make the world a better place… at least a little bit.

Louis Doench

Lou Doench is a 52 year old father of three. Twelve years ago he married the coolest woman in the world and gave up the lucrative career of being a photography student to become a stay at home husband and Dad, or SAHD. An atheist geek, or a geeky atheist if you prefer, Lou likes reading, photography, video gaming, disc golf, baseball and Dr. Who. He has been playing Dungeons and Dragons since 1976. Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. He is also an excellent home cook, not that his children would know because they only eat Mac & Cheese. Follow Lou on Twitter @blotzphoto or check out his photography at

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